Pepsi's Paws 'n' Pals

Dog Walking Service - covering the Hitchin area.

Why choose group walks: ​


During a group dog walk they will be able to run, socialise and play with each other. After the walks your dog will be returned home towel dried, well exercised and most importantly very happy. They can often be out of the house over 1 ½ hrs, so it's a nice break in their day.


Basic training will be used on every single walk, i.e. come, wait and sit. This will be rewarded with healthy treats.


Upon returning you dog we will top up their water and food bowls if required.


All dogs attending the group dog walks must happy in the company of other dogs. This ensures the wellbeing of your dog and the others in the pack.

If your dog is in the puppy/infant stage it will start to develop social skills during the walks.



*We usually run three sessions during the day (morning, lunchtime and afternoon walks), so you can choose the preferred time for your dog.